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Our society has become addicted to disposable products, especially in the work place. The convenience of disposable are hurting us in the long run. It hurts  not only our landfills, but in our wallets too. Natural resources such as water and petroleum have a limited supply, so we must learn to conserve as much as possible.  Change  your bad manners by starting with these few tips:

  • Flatware is used at home, so why not at work too? Plastic utensils are disposable and convenient, but are not biodegradable. By bringing that fork  along with a mug and plate,  Mother Earth will be very happy.
  • Those damn soup cans with the special microwavable plastic lid. Sure this innovative  soup can is convenient but, so is a can with the  easy to open lid. So purchase a the can without the fluff  and use a bowl. And don’t forget to recycle the can.
  • Small garbage bins at work do not need pretty bags. What a waste of money to buy bags that will be thrown out anyway. Save some cash by using  shopping bags instead.
  • Water cooler cost money but filtering water is so much cheaper. Companies and homes could save lots of money but investing in a water filtration system. If you use Brita filter pitcher at home, recycle your filter at Whole Foods. The filters are then used by company Preserve to make products such as cutting boards, toothbrushes and bowls.
  • Bring a box of snacks and not a bag of it. The box is a better idea especially if you eat a particular snack often Plus you can save money, bring it home and recycle the box. Eco-licious!
  • Coffee grounds are reusable. Instead of throwing them away, use them as an organic fertilizer in your garden. The grounds can also be used to remove food odors from your hands.

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