Recently I decided to try new waxes for my saw blades. Last semester the teacher advised us to use candle wax. Now that I have tried some new waxes, I will never touch touch candle wax again.

Waxing the blades are very important because it reduces the friction between the metal sheet and blade. Too much friction causes the blade and sheet to heat up, which results in a broke blade. A good wax also creates a smoother sawing experience.

At my recent trip to Metalliferous, they recommended that I use PRO-CRAFT Beeswax,

which I purchased along with EUROTOOL’s 100% Natural Beeswax.


I prefer EUROTOOL’S over PRO-CRAFT because:

  1. Even though Pro’s tube is small enough to fit into the hole at a jeweler’s bench while filing, it’s wax is harder to remove from the tube after many uses.
  2. Euro has a push-up application which makes it user friendly to get wax.
  3. Euro’s wider tube means less applications.
  4. Despite the fact that Euro’s 100% natural beeswax is about 3 dollars more than Pro’s wax, Euro’s is better because it lubricates and smells better. Pro’s is a synthetic beeswax which contains petroleum.

With EUROTOOL I was able to prevent lots of friction which resulted in a long sawing experience.