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I am asked a lot about where I purchase the metal sheets and the supplies needed for school.  So far, I have shopped at Metalliferous and Dikra Gems, both located in New York City, to purchase my supplies.

Metalliferous has a HUGE supply of hammers, files, metal sheet and lots of other goodies. I could spend hours in that little place! Last week after work, I rushed through my shopping trip there before closing time. For the beginning of the semester Metalliferous extends its store hours with late nights on Tuesdays till 8pm and temporary Saturday hours. Since my fold forming workshop is coming up this week, I purchased extra metal sheets of copper. I left Metalliferous with a $150 shopping bill! If you can’t make the trip to their location, I recommend calling their mail order service. I used their mail order service last year and their staff are very helpful (especially last semester when I was a clueless Jewelry I student!).

Dikra Gems is a very little store that sells cheap to very expensive stones and gems. The place is very easy to miss, since it is located in a small office building. For jewelry class, I purchased small inexpensive stones ranging from 4mm to 8mm which cost between 10 cents to $2.00.  For only $9 I purchased more than enough stones to last me a few classes!

Both business are helpful to jewelry and metalsmithing students and both are acquainted with many of the colleges and university’s professors. Some of the professors also relied on these stores as students!

Happy shopping!