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Attention Earthlings: Earth Day is on April 22, 2010.

Some will debate that global warming is having a serious effect on our Earth, while others deny its existence.  This article is not about to debate this issue because playing the blame game won’t get us anywhere.

I will not just stand along the sidelines and do nothing as we hurt our planet with our wasteful modern ways. My plan is to educate my fellow readers, because I have always believed that education is the key element to solving problems. So I will provide you with information on recycling, cost saving tips and ways to reduce waste. During my senior year of high school, I took an Environmental Science (ecology) class, which changed my life forever.

I did not want to wait till April to celebrate Earth month because every day on this planet should be a celebration. Please drop by as much as you can and leave comments and YOUR tips on how we can save our planet. My thoughts and suggestions might be hard for some to swallow, but I believe in tough love. We need to change our ways now, so that we can treat Mother Earth better now.

We need to curb our waste – big time! I won’t go into statistics about how much garbage is created by a person each day or each year. Plain and simple… A LOT! There is just too much need to stop  producing so much garbage and because landfills are hard to come by, landfill leaks can contaminate our groundwater and because we are using precious natural resources which can be used elsewhere. Make a commitment to:

  • Be familiar with your town’s recycling laws. If you don’t know what they are… ASK! Ask your local sanitation department, a neighbor or your town’s website. Be mindful that there are some plastics that your town might not handle.  If not, reuse the product. Some yogurt cups are not recyclable but they are perfect containers for art projects. Art school and artists might take your hard to recycle plastics.
  • Buy refillable products! Refillable products are usually cheaper and bigger than the original packaging, which reduces waste. A lot of water is also used in the plastic making and paper packaging process. If  the product does not have a refillable,  do something! Change your product to a more eco-friendly one or call the company to request a more eco-friendly option.
  • Stop trying to build a library of DVD’s! There is no longer any reason to be afraid that you won’t be able to get a copy of “Titanic”. Stop it.  With today’s instant viewing movies with Netflix, DVD’s pickup with Redbox and even your local library, we can save money and natural resources. Did you know that plastics are used in making DVD’s. To reduce our need, donate it to your local library, thrift store or even to organizations which send the DVD’s overseas to our troops. By lowering our demand for DVD’s, the demand for manufacturing of the DVD’s will decrease in the long run.

Links to get you started: