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Lady Gaga took out her poison bottle once again in this killer video, Telephone, which showcases a variety of goods from “sponsors” (she even shows off her new headphone). The video was a wonderful taste of art – Gaga Style:  Lady G hair rolled perfectly in soda cans, prison wear in her “Bad Romance” outfit and beekeepers outfits that only Lady G would wear as an outfit.

I was hoping to see Beyonce breaking out Lady G out of jail, but it was still a great video.  However, there was some unanswered questions from watching the video. Why did “B” allow Lady G to give her man (if he was her man) was poison? Why poison the entire restaurant?- Were they trying to kill the witnesses? I guess I will have to wait till Telephone Part Deux to find out.

When I watched last night’s video, I was reminded of Lady Gaga’s other video “Paparazzi“, where she was pushed off the balcony by her man, who brought her outside so the paparazzi could take pictures of her. Once she realized that she was being photographed, she tried to push him away, so he pushed her off the balcony!  She later returned recovered from her injuries and later seeks revenge against her house staff and ultimately poisons her man. The video ends with Lady G being arrested. Maybe Lady G decided to start Telephone where she finished with Paparazzi.

I think Lady Gaga has definitely pushed the envelope with this video. It had a high budget,  great concept, a story-line, dancing, and showed that fashion and art has a place in music videos.

Lady Gaga dancing in "Telephone"

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What did you think of the video? Was it too flashy or too trashy?