Deemakesjewelry Recommends: The Art of Jewelry: Plastic & Resin: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration by Debra Adelso

Posted: January 29, 2011 in book review, contemporary art, jewelry making, metalsmithing
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This a wonderful reference book about contemporary jewelry by Debra Adelson from Lark Books with plastic and resin as the main mediums. The book begins with resourceful information about plastics and resins, followed by pages after pages of color pictures depicting of projects and jewelry pieces. This book is written for someone who has knowledge in working with a jeweler’s saw and other metalsmithing tools. The projects and artist’s works ranges from simple and elegant to eccentric and uncomfortable looking. One of the outstanding works in this book is by Anika Smulovitz, whose work “Untitled” is made in sterling silver, 18kt gold and transparency film. The techniques used in this piece are image transfer, riveting and crimping.

Anika Smulovitz -Untitled (Body in Motion-Study 3), 2007

Some readers might find some of the jewelry to be strange  and  something they would not wear. With this attitude, it is not a suprise that many have given this well-written reference book a bad review. However, the idea that because something is ugly, eccentric, not wearable, or even not “commercial” is what defines the jewelry artists from the designers. For these reasons, this book would be probably most appreciated by art jewelry students and artists. With Adelson’s book of techniques and projects I believe the artist would be inspired to find unlimited possibilities in incorporating plastic and resin in jewelry.

  1. I’ve been thinking some days ago about trying to work with resins so this book will probably help me.

    • This is a great resource book. Another good book is The Art of Resin Jewelry by Sherri Haab which does not have metalsmithing projects. However, she works a lot with molds to make bracelets and charms in resin. As well as working with different pigments. The book also comes with a DVD.

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