How I Created My First Ring

Posted: March 9, 2010 in jewelry making, metalsmithing
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At the University, we were assigned a ring project for our first project.  One of the first things I learned in class was to use the jeweler’s saw. It took awhile to get use to it and I broke a few saw blades along the way. Once I master the use of the saw, I cut designs into the metal.

I created a dome shape by hammering a round metal piece which was placed into a doming block. Doming is done by putting the metal into the biggest circle first. After that sized circle is used, the next smaller sized is used until you get the desired dome shape.

The band of the ring was hammered and later soldered together using a torch. The teacher helped with this one since I probably would have burned the metal to a crisp!

After the process is completed, I sanded the piece to remove any discoloration which occurs during the soldering process. I then sanded the piece using very fine sandpaper to create a very matte finish which created fine lines. My next project is a bracelet cuff.


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